• JetSeat KW-908 AM easy access to internals

Gaming vibrating pad Gametrix JetSeat KW-908AM

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Considering JetSeat as an important part of a modern sim pit, based on my own experience as a reseller and users feedback, I've developed an extremely maintainable modification (AM stands for Andre's Mod) of the JetSeat KW-908 model.

Please read JetSeat FAQ list and User Guide



  • 8 vibration motors *,
  • easy access to internal parts for maintenance or replacement,
  • the same shape, size, internal parts as a regular JetSeat KW-908 model,
  • low noise, 
  • limited edition.

* - individual motors vibration strength and sound may be not quite equal, this is considered by the manufacturer as normal and may not be a reason for return merchandise authorization.

Please see list of supported game titles here.


  • Gametrix JetSeat vibrating pad
  • Power supply unit (EU type, 100 - 240 V AC input)
  • Control unit with USB and 3.5 mm audio connectors