Вибронакидка SimShaker JetPad Race


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Vibrating pad SimShaker JetPad Race (powered by Gametrix)

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Software Included (Дополнит. ПО)
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Sim Racing Edition pad with vibrating motors layout adjusted for better and more accuracy feeling in racing and driving games. Width of this pad is reduced to fit narrow racing bucket seats (some customization is possible on your request)


  • 8 vibration motors *,
  • easy access to internal parts for maintenance,
  • comfortable and wearproof fabric cover,
  • fastening to a racing seat with elastic bands,
  • adjustable vibration motors placement,
  • USB and sound mini jack cable length about 190 cm (6.2 ft),
  • power supply unit cable length about 170 cm (5.6 ft),
  • compatible with SimShaker software,
  • you can add SimShaker - Wheels license by reduced price

Currently possible cover colors are Black (default one), Red, Dark Olive

About Race layout

In this modification the motors placement is changed in order to project all 4 wheels effects on the seat. With original JetSeat motors layout 4 wheels effect partially projected on the seat and partially on the backrest.

* - individual motors vibration strength and sound may be not quite equal, this is considered by the manufacturer as normal and not a reason for return merchandise authorization.


  • Gametrix JetSeat vibrating pad
  • Power supply unit (EU type, 100 - 240 V AC input)
  • Control unit with USB and 3.5 mm audio connectors